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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by MOS2013 View Post
thats a good interpretation, but either way that was an absolutely ridiculous scene.

He's exposed to a little bit of kryptonite and it weakens him to the extent human thugs beat him up. Then hes stabbed with krptonite and nearly dies.

Suddenly he's somehow able to lift a huge continent laced with kryptonite and throw it into space? Gimme a break, that was taking it too far.

I'm honestly struggling to know if you're joking with this bit.

For starters its too dark, dark to the point I struggle to see Superman in some of the flying scenes, it's also got lots of seemingly unnecessary and poorly executed CGI. (Superman propelling the space shuttle out of the earths atmosphere? it was like looking at a video game).

Highly original? this was the most striking part, this movie is ANYTHING but original. Its one giant love letter to the original STM, with the same structure and lots of dialogue taken from the original too.

Well acted? Routh did a fine job, Spacey did a reasonable job, Marsden did a great job, but Bosworth was a terrible terrible choice, she was poor and shes a big part of the film too. I thought Langella was very underwhelming too and not quite the way I view Perry White.

Well written, I couldn't agree on either because its rather dull and the basic plan of Luthor is again too similar to that of STM, it also has some dreadful dialogue, particularly from Lois.

The score? It does have a great score, that I'll give you, but again its all working from Williams original theme. Though I must admit I did enjoy the new themes which were used. I have the SR soundtrack and I love it, 'How could you leave us' is a lovely piece of music.

Well maybe I am not being objective, objective is a relative statement I guess. And I never understood why people didn't like Bosworth as Lois Lane? I thought she did a fantastic job. I could maybe see that she looked a little young, but her performance? I thought she was great. Clearly I am in the minority here though. I thought the rooftop scene between Lois and Superman was so so great. Like when I think of a bad performance by an actress in a superhero movie...I think of January Jones in First Class...that is some god awful acting, at least I think so. I thought Bosworth was great. She had a very no-nonsense attitude which she pulled off greatly.

And when I say it was beautifully shot, I think of him chasing down the plane and saving it, listening in space, lois and him floating above the daily planet and flying through the city, flying up and soaking up the sunlight, getting rid of the land mass and falling back to earth, just a bunch of stuff that I thought looked awesome. EDIT: I am more talking about the cinematography, not the CGI, which I agree had it's subpar moments.

But I especially love when he gets physically beaten up by Luthor's henchmen. The entire sequence was shot to emphasize just how ridiculous Superman actually looks:

It's an incredibly dark, wet, cave like setting, with Luthor's henchman wearing very dark colors. And they are beating a guy up who is wearing blue tights and a red cape, with Luthor standing in the background, in all white. It's such a great juxtaposition.

The way it is shot is to really emphasize the fact that wearing blue tights and red underwear really does look stupid. The contrast is glaring. And that picture doesn't even do it justice I think, that whole sequence is phenomenal.

There are so many moments in this film that are there to emphasize the notion that Superman, on the inside, is a guy like anyone else. Except he happens to have powers. It's why he wants Lois Lane for himself and tries to take her away from Richard. It's why he even spies on her at one point in the movie. He isn't perfect. This is what people might do if they happened to have powers. And I liked that they did that. A common complaint about Superman is that he is too perfect. Well, they humanized him in this movie, quite a bit. And it made for a great film (to me).

I think the fact is that this film is probably a little too artsy, if that is the right word, for a summer blockbuster Superman movie. It's probably why it has a very small (but still present) number of dedicated fans, but the general audience panned it. That would be my guess. So if you don't like stuff like that, then you won't like this movie. I love stuff like that. So I loved the movie lol. Pretty simple really. Not to mention it is filled with tons and tons of parallels to Jesus, even more so than the original film, though I still thought it was done (for the most part) very subtle, and very well.

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