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Default Re: Is Batman going to become a fascist conservative in the Dark Knight Rises?

Originally Posted by Hooper-man View Post
Everything's political. Everything. A cup of coffee is political. you might not like it but I guess you hvae the luxury to ignore it. In some countries it's worth dying for.
Nolan's TDKR is neither pro Right or pro Left, any such assumptions are incorrect, just read this -

Liberalism’s Dark Knight and Christopher Nolan’s Defense of Civil Society

here’s a lazy, irritating strain running through the critical reaction to The Dark Knight Rises. It assumes that because the protagonist is a rich philanthropist and the villain an Occupy-soundalike terrorist, the film is taking a hard-right stand on today’s political issues. You see this move from some on the left, who go as far as calling the film fascist. Others on the right are eager to deny the supposedly legitimizing Bat-mantle to liberals or to tie the Occupy movement to Bane’s unremitting violence.

And this -

The Dark Knight Rises' Is Not About Occupy Wall Street

There have been many silly things said about Christopher Nolan’s third Dark Knight film, most of them on the topic of politics.

Of course, this is no surprise. Politics brings out the silliest tendencies in all of us, and film critics are no exception. The prevailing wisdom in some left and right-leaning circles is that The Dark Knight Rises is a film about the dangers of the Occupy Wall Street movement – a myopic and narrow-minded analysis, if you ask me, which serves only to force the politics of the day into a movie much more concerned with universal symbols.

And, finally those who have still not seen the movie as they think that this movie has some political message that they do not approve of, Why not go and watch the movie and then make up your own mind ?


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