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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

JustSomeGuy said
I think the fact is that this film is probably a little too artsy, if that is the right word, for a summer blockbuster Superman movie. It's probably why it has a very small (but still present) number of dedicated fans, but the general audience panned it.
It is very artsy like you said, and I like that about it too, but I don't think the general audience panned it since it made more at the Box office than Batman Begins (and people here say that that film was such a hit) and more than some Marvel films. Almost $400 mill worldwide is not so bad (it also sold well on dvd and bluray). I actually think it is the online fanboys that dislike it and are very loud. I constantly see a lot of love for it on twiter for instance, and also know people that like it a lot. Sure it was not the hit WB wanted, but a lot of people liked it. Many more fans on this same site seemed to like it, but when the reboot was announced, some of them gave their backs to it.

MOS2013 said

MostPowerful, I'm not just highlighting the flaws of SR for the fun of it, I'm just trying to engage in the discussion which is what the forum (I presume) is all about. I notice that you didn't exactly waste any time in rushing in to the MOS forum to declare that it's too dark or whatever, so I'm not sure why thats okay but me explaining what didn't work for me in SR isn't.
I made just one, two comments.. hardly ever go there..

People are talking about being objective, but one could argue that discussing the film with someone who is on first name terms with 'Brandon' isn't completely objective.
What do you mean, lol?

I'm really glad you and lots of other people liked the film, it's good that people get enjoyment from it, if you like it that's all that matters, you shouldn't feel threatened by people who don't like it.
I'm not threatened at all. Hate all you want. I just never understood why some people take SO much time and energy into arguing about something they don't like. SR has been debated TO DEATH. I rather talk about something I like.

I rather watch Sci-Fi

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