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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Mostpowerful View Post
It is very artsy like you said, and I like that about it too, but I don't think the general audience panned it since it made more at the Box office than Batman Begins (and people here say that that film was such a hit) and more than some Marvel films.
You mean Marvel films starring lesser-known/exposed characters?


WW Gross: $449,326,618

Not bad for a character with about 1/10 the exposure Superman has had over the last 60 years...

Almost $400 mill worldwide is not so bad (it also sold well on dvd and bluray).
No, it did not.

Superman Returns DVD Sales:

Domestic DVD Sales: $81,608,720
Now, let's compare that to a few other comic book films:

Iron Man:

Domestic DVD Sales: $173,488,611

Iron Man 2:

Domestic DVD Sales: $122,682,220

The Dark Knight:

Domestic DVD Sales: $258,689,618


Domestic DVD Sales: $261,534,447

Dylan Dog:

Domestic DVD Sales: $1,568,757

Case closed on it "performing well", methinks.

I actually think it is the online fanboys that dislike it and are very loud. I constantly see a lot of love for it on twiter for instance, and also know people that like it a lot. Sure it was not the hit WB wanted, but a lot of people liked it. Many more fans on this same site seemed to like it, but when the reboot was announced, some of them gave their backs to it.
Surrounding yourself online with people who like it isn't a very good litmus-test for how the general public feels about that film.

I'm not threatened at all. Hate all you want. I just never understood why some people take SO much time and energy into arguing about something they don't like. SR has been debated TO DEATH. I rather talk about something I like.
Because they can.

How is it any different from you running in here to agree with someone by posting the exact same links and comments every time someone mentions SR?

It's not.

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