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Default Re: Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate VIII (Team Frenchie Edition)

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
Truth is, even if we knew the twist was potentially coming it was Nolan's job to ensure it also meant something for us as fans. The audience may have gasped but we didn't, we didn't get the same experience, but we needed something out of it as well. We may have known Harvey Dent was going to be Two-Face but we were made to care about the character, and when he was scarred it sucked, when he died it was tragic, it all meant something even though his fate was sealed. We have no reason to care for Talia and hope she didn't turn against Bruce in this film, they have no relationship, they have no connection, she is little more than a one night stand. Was the 'twist' bad? Yes, because there wasn't something in it for everybody. Everyone who says the general audience loved it ask yourself this, did you really get anything out of it? From what I've read people are just happy Talia is in the film, why is beyond me.
I actually didn't want Miranda to turn. It kind of shocked me, even though deep down I knew it was coming because I simply wanted her to stay Miranda Tate.

That said, I don't think even Nolan thought he was going to fool the fans on this one. Though, I also thought the twist of her having Bane's backstory was a nice surprise, and that part I enjoyed. There was really no way I could have guessed that because I just associated the chant so strongly with Bane, and wanted that backstory to be his (which is why so many are upset about it, alas). But I think it's one of those deals where all the clues are there and if you're paying attention you should see the twist coming. It's designed for multiple viewings where you can simply view her as Talia the whole way through. Same as the Ra's twist in Begins.

I'm not saying it was a great twist, it wasn't (neither was the Ra's twist BTW, it was pretty obvious). I just don't think it was bad.

And yes, I'm happy Talia is in the film because it lends a full scope to the whole trilogy, and it always bugged me that we had Ra's but no Talia. The fact that he mentioned his "great love" in Begins always felt like a nod to the existence of Talia. There's even mention of her on Ra's character bio on the Begins DVD, so to me she was always "in canon", especially knowing the input Nolan has on his DVD releases. I'm fine with her being purely evil and consumed with revenge on Bruce in this story, because it's new territory. In the comics, Ra's never really dies so things can never escalate to this point between Bruce and Talia.

I'll admit, her death scene was pretty weak, but I'm still am a supporter of her inclusion in the story.

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