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Default Powers Display/Action sequences on the sequel

Knowing the characters on First Class and the storyline that will inspire the sequel, more possible characters from Original Trilogy, what kind of power display would you like this time?

We could get the sentinels on the movie, as in the storyarc, but what about those little action/powers momments between characters, in the middle of a big battle, or during the film?

We have seen what Havok, Banshee and Beast did on First Class with their powers, so what new and cool moments we could see from them on the sequel?

The same with the characters on the future and the brotherhood of the past

something inspired on any comic?, or the animated shows?

Lets see what cool ideas and personal desires we come with

Edited: Some descriptions with details about the use of each power would be appreciated. The issue is not exactly about what fights do we want, but those little things we'd like to see with each character using their powers

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