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Default Re: Powers Display/Action sequences on the sequel

Here Is what I would like to see power wise In X-Menays of future Past

Future scene at begining-Storm and Wolverine VS Sentinles at ruins of the mansion to buy time for the time travel plot to work.Storm uses weather against sentinles while Wolverine claws them up

Future Flashback-Wolverine bursts Into Internment camp and frees Xavier,Magneto,Storm,and Kitty from Collors.Magneto uses his powers against sentinles to allow the others to escape.

X-Men Vs Brotherhood showdown-Havok VS both Riptide and Angel Salvatore.Beast VS Azarel rematch.Banshee vs Emma In diamond form.Beast and Banshee help get Magneto's helmet off so Xavier can show him what he has learned about the future.Kitty VS Mystique to prvent the Assassination.

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