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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

So much time? Like 10 minutes?

I'm new to the forum so I haven't discussed it.

You say you don't feel threatened yet you clearly have a big problem with me sharing my problems with the film
I still have my doubts about you being 'new' to this forum.. but I'm not going to waste my time arguing about the film with people that clerly don't like it. Like I said, I rather talk about the things I love.

I mean referring to Routh as 'Brandon' whilst gushing over him is usually the act of someone with a major crush, so whilst you and others talk about being objective, you hardly seem objective yourselves
Hahaha, so all those guys (men) that also call him Brandon and like the movie aren't objective because they obviously have a major crush on him? And those positive reviews I posted (and many others that have been written by men) were written by men. They aren't objective and have a crush on him too? LOL. You see, I can be objective and have a crush on Superman, it's possible! btw, how old are you, 14?

I rather watch Sci-Fi
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