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Default Re: Powers Display/Action sequences on the sequel

Storm flying and using wind and lighting against Sentinles.Wolverine clawing Into leg of sentinle,and Colossus throwing Wolverine fastball special so he can claw the head off of a sentinle.

Kitty phasing Into camp with Wolverine.

Riptide usin his wind and Angel Salvatore attacking from air at same time against Havok.Havok having to fight both at same time.

Emma In diamond form attacking Banshee.Banshee has to use sonic scream to knock her out.

Beast using his agility as Azazel keeps teleporting to attack him.Finally Beast grabs hold of his tail and throws him down and kicks him with his feet to subdue him.

Banshee goes all sonor against Magneto while Beast goes behind him In plan to get helmet off.

Kitty phases target of assassination Into other room and goes back where sje and Mystique engage Into hand to hand combat.

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