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Default Re: Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate VIII (Team Frenchie Edition)

Originally Posted by batbax View Post
Yeah, not really. All your doing is pretending like you'd have hated it no matter what, when in fact there's really no way to tell since you knew for over a year ahead of time. I do t even think the twist was great, but I at least acknowledge that me knowing about it way ahead of time affected my perception of it, especially seeing as in every show I went to there was genuine shock from the audience about it.And you say that no one in this thread has said that knowing ahead of time took anything away from the twist, when in fact on this very page someone admits that knowing ahead of time ruined it for them.
True. I was felt nothing in that scene because I already knew Miranda is Talia, she is gonna stab him in that scene after Bane was defeated. I knew kid was Miranda as well. But now who ever i ask movie, one of the first thing they say twist & ending. Hell, even before Bane & Batman fights.

And of course it will ruin it.. Would you feel same excitement if you already know twists in Usual Suspects, Fight Club, Sixth Sense etc.? NO. Fortunatelly this wasn't that big twist or we would be doomed.

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