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Default Re: The ultimate goal of Man Of Steel and what it means to be Superman.

Originally Posted by hopefuldreamer View Post
If I suddenly got Superman's powers, do you think i'd be flying around, using my superpowers willy nilly to take whatever I want just because 'I can and no one can stop me?'

No, that way leads to nothing but bad for me. That way leads to people chasing me constantly. To me having no chance at being happy ever again. And most probably, to my own death (because even Superman's powers don't make you invincible).
Lol, depends on which era of Superman your powers are drawn from. You might be truly invincible or you might just be kinda invincible. But assuming you were truly invincible and that you could not be hurt, no one is really gonna "chase" you because I'm sure they'd all be too scared to confront you in the first place.

And furthermore, would you use your powers the same way Clark chooses to? To serve and protect? Or would you just bottle it up and cast it aside... assuming of course you have it in you not to go the "Zod" route.

Originally Posted by hopefuldreamer View Post
Zod's different. He's not like us. He has nothing to loose. He has no 'life' to protect. His life, his entire world has been destroyed.

THAT'S what makes him an interesting character.

It's not 'What happens when you give someone who isn't Superman those powers'. It's 'What happens when you give someone who has nothing to loose those powers'.
Well I agree and disagree. I guess it's kind of a little bit of both. Perhaps the two of us just decide to interpret the character differently. And yet even though the two of us stand on different sides of the spectrum, it goes to show you that a Superman movie can be inherently interesting and that contrary to the belief that he's just a big blue boyscout... he's actually one of the more complex heroes around.

So again, even if we agree to disagree... I hope the film gets this all across in some way or another. One can only hope, right?

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