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Default Re: Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate VIII (Team Frenchie Edition)

Originally Posted by Baneis8feettall View Post
It's not about being careless. Time is changed. It'll happen to any movie especially not shooted in studio. They can record everything with far away in good quality with a mobile.

Back in the day you would hear spoilers after movie in theaters and if some moron would tell you. Now we get news from ninjas everywhere.It'll happen most of the really hyped movies.

I have watched Wolverine without special effects before in theaters. It was all greenscreen, ropes bunch of stuff. At least that didn't happen with TDKR
For such a secretive movie that spoiler got out remarkably easy. So, yeah I think it was careless if they were so adamant to keep it a surprise. They failed miserably.

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