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Default Re: Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate VIII (Team Frenchie Edition)

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
For such a secretive movie that spoiler got out remarkably easy. So, yeah I think it was careless if they were so adamant to keep it a surprise. They failed miserably.
From what I recall, their error was one of timing. They actually had tarps up and in place, which obscured everything from view, but they didn't get these up until a bit into shooting. The shoot was very early, and they started (most likely trying to capture the light) before fully blocking everything, thinking that no one would be out at that hour snapping photos. By the time they did indeed cover themselves up, it was already too late.

Again, I'm just going by memory here, but I definitely recall the shoot being blocked off, with the Marion photos snagged before all of the obstructions were in place. I also remember some of the Pittsburgh ninjas claiming that Nolan was upset when he found out that photos were captured before their precautions were put in place. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong though; this was a year ago, and my memory's foggy.

Either way, definitely a mistake on their part to not completely ensure privacy.



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