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Default Re: Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate VIII (Team Frenchie Edition)

^ Having seen the film multiple times with members purely of the GA - they freaked at the twist when it came about - I totally agree, the indiscretion on set wasn't a huge deal. However, as kvz said, it's not like we were the only ones to see the photos. They were all over the net, and while the majority probably won't know the gravity of what they're looking at, they're still looking at it. That said, these photos surfaced basically an entire year before the film hit, so for that majority, it probably escaped their mind completely.

As a simple analogy though, and SPOILERS FOR THE PRESTIGE (although if you haven't seen it, I have nothing further to say to you... ), imagine that if early into the shooting of The Prestige, we got photos of Bale on set in his Fallon garb. And then, simply running a story about Bale shooting his newest film, The Hollywood Reporter uses those pictures. And then other film sites pick them up. And so on and so forth. By the time the film rolls around, sure, people might forget they saw Bale in a wig, glasses, etc., but it was still out there, and available to all. Ultimately, it would all depend on how closely you're watching () this stuff.



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