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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Let's compare some of the movie's worldwide collection with SR, I know that SR did not get a sequel as it's production cost was much higher than all other movies that I have listed here, but if you just take into consideration of the number of people that actually watched the movie in theaters as compared to other movies, SR had more number of people going to see it.

(Number of people who saw the movie = Box Office Collection Amount / Price of movie Ticket)

(In case of THOR, the ticket price is higher as it was a 3D movie and it was released 2011 when ticket prices are higher due to inflation as compared to 2006, so more people saw SR than Thor.)

SR:-------------------------Worldwide: $391,081,192

Batman Begins:------------Worldwide: $372,710,015

The Incredible Hulk:--------Worldwide: $263,427,551

Thor:-----------------------Worldwide: $449,326,618

Captain America:----------Worldwide: $368,608,363

X-Men Origins:Wolverine:--Worldwide: $373,062,864

X-Men:First Class:----------Worldwide: $353,624,124

Green lantern:--------------Worldwide: $219,851,172

Even in terms of the actual amount SR earned more than the most of comic book movies.

I have not Included Iron Man movies as IM was driven by charismatic presence of RDJ who was the main reason why IM was such a success, which was one of the reason why WB got RDJ for Sherlock Holmes movies, and once again RDJ turned Sherlock Holmes into a successful franchise.

As far as the argument that why IM and Thor who are B-list characters of Marvel comics did so well as compared to A-list character like Superman, the reason could be that SR was coming after Superman's last two movies failed (Superman 3, Superman 4), that is why movies like Batman Begins (DC's A-list character coming to big screen after the disaster of Batman and Robin) under-performed and The Incredible Hulk ( Marvel's A-list character, coming after not so successful Ang Lee's Hulk) also under-performed.

Thor and Captain America had the added benefit of higher ticket prices and 3D boost, still SR did make more then most of these movies (except Thor and Iron man 1,2.)


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