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Default Re: The ultimate goal of Man Of Steel and what it means to be Superman.

Originally Posted by Skrilla31 View Post
I'm sure Clark doesn't necessarily enjoy serving mankind as it's unofficial protector, but he chooses to anyway. I'm sure he's tempted to lead a normal, private life like the rest of us. And no one would blame him for it. He could just as easily take his powers and go home. But he doesn't. Because more so than even Spiderman, he understands that "with great power, comes great responsibility".

Like most superheroes, helping out mankind is his nature. Giving up the heroics would be difficult for him, especially if he was still physically capable of protecting the world.

You don't know that. We are all bound by our limitations. You don't go to work because you want to. You go to work because you have to, because you need money, so you can eat, so you can keep a roof over your head, so you can survive. If you had Superman's powers, who's to say you would still go to work every morning when you can literally have anything you want? Who would stop you? At that point, money serves no purpose because you could just easily take what you want by force without consequence.

He doesn't need to work but he probably gets a kick out of being a reporter and it allows him to help mankind outside of the costume.

And that's not to say you would be on the fast track to enslaving humanity, but eventually you might use your powers to your advantage and take matters into your own hands. I bet you you're not gonna work 40 hours a week for a measly paycheck. And with no money in your pocket you're gonna have to find a way to acquire food somehow. Eventually you're probably just gonna go out there and take what you need any way you could get it... because no one would be able to stop you. And once you cross that line there's no going back. You are now no longer bound by human law. You have willingly chosen to exist beyond the walls of human civilization. You are now above it.

Humanity would live in fear, not knowing your next move and what exactly you might be capable of next. One week it's robbing a grocery store. The next week you're robbing Best Buy for a flat screen TV. Where would you know to draw the line? At what point would you NOT use your powers to serve your own needs? The truth is you may never stop, because as human beings... we always want/need more. You need a new house, right? Where are you gonna live? Clearly you're not paying rent anymore. Maybe you need a new house? Who's gonna build it? How are you gonna pay them? You can't pay them, so you have to force them to do it. Now you are actually bending people to your will. Believe it or not, maybe you do have the potential to enslave humanity.

Clark chooses to work. Clark chooses to exist among us. Clark chooses to use his powers to serve humanity. He's the 1 out of 10. Not Zod.
Food? TVs? Really?

Money isn't a problem for someone with Superman powers. Clark chooses to live like a human but it's not like the only alternative is becoming evil like Lex or Zod. He could just as easily choose to become a lazy bum with the Midas touch. Point being, it all depends what kind of person you are and how you were raised. Some would abuse the power for more power, most would be content with being able to fly.

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