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Default Re: The ultimate goal of Man Of Steel and what it means to be Superman.

Originally Posted by Skrilla31 View Post
I'm sure Clark doesn't necessarily enjoy serving mankind as it's unofficial protector, but he chooses to anyway. I'm sure he's tempted to lead a normal, private life like the rest of us. And no one would blame him for it. He could just as easily take his powers and go home. But he doesn't. Because more so than even Spiderman, he understands that "with great power, comes great responsibility".

If Clark were more bound by his humanity, and he had given in more easily to greed... the world would be without Superman.

Humanity would live in fear, not knowing your next move and what exactly you might be capable of next. One week it's robbing a grocery store. The next week you're robbing Best Buy for a flat screen TV. Where would you know to draw the line? At what point would you NOT use your powers to serve your own needs? The truth is you may never stop, because as human beings... we always want/need more. You need a new house, right? Where are you gonna live? Clearly you're not paying rent anymore. Maybe you need a new house? Who's gonna build it? How are you gonna pay them? You can't pay them, so you have to force them to do it. Now you are actually bending people to your will. Believe it or not, maybe you do have the potential to enslave humanity.

Clark chooses to work. Clark chooses to exist among us. Clark chooses to use his powers to serve humanity. He's the 1 out of 10. Not Zod.
You're wrong here, he clearly can't "take his powers and go home" since home is destroyed and his adopted home is earth.
Clark was raised as a human,acting and feeling just like everyone else. That includes emotions and morals which his parents instilled in him.
Superman IS the story of someone with THE ABILITY TO DO THE RIGHT THING, DOING THE RIGHT THING. It's showing that if you are shown how to be and behave like a "good" person or a "hero" that you wouldn't be corrupted by power.

Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" analysis of Superman/Clark Kent is perfect. Clark is Superman getting to feel like a human, wears glasses even when he doesn't need them. Works when he doesn't have to. Wants to fall in love.

I think we've all summed this up in our posts.
"Having something to fight for is what truly makes you Heroic."

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