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Default Re: The Batsuit Master Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by BatScot View Post
A fact is something that is actually the case, a conceit is an extended metaphor. The 'blue' Batman is a conceit. This is not to say blue is not 'legit' in some fashion, but to dismiss the argument that 'blue is meant to be black' is to dismiss Bob Kane's own belief, i.e., "blue is symbolic of black". If your preference is a 'blue' Batman, fine. But to say 'Blue was supposed to be Black is [nothing but] a weak attempt at trying to undermine the use of blue' is to deny the fact that "blue is symbolic of black" is a perfectly sound and evidentially supported argument.
So just because Bob Kane believed that the dominant blue color that was developed with time is symbolic of black, that's the one true fact? Why don't just everyone color him with black anyway? What's the symbolism of black being colored as blue? Sorry but I'm lost here.

I'd say it's way more of a fact that the actual dominant color of the inking sometimes is blue, it's hard to deny that, if you're not color-blind.

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