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Default Re: The Batsuit Master Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by BatScot View Post
A fact is something that is actually the case, a conceit is an extended metaphor. The 'blue' Batman is a conceit. This is not to say blue is not 'legit' in some fashion, but to dismiss the argument that 'blue is meant to be black' is to dismiss Bob Kane's own belief, i.e., "blue is symbolic of black".
Bob Kane didn't design Batman's costume, and the design that he did reproduce quickly became defunct. There comes a point in the artistic history of Batman where cops are shown wearing black uniforms highlighted with blue, and Batman is shown wearing a blue uniform highlighted with black. At that point, Batman is clearly supposed to be wearing blue. I submit that whatever "metaphorical" aspects that might have been attached to Batman's design in its early history were lost when his costume was redesigned entirely, and he gained the yellow oval on his chest.

Originally Posted by BatScot View Post
If your preference is a 'blue' Batman, fine. But to say 'Blue was supposed to be Black is [nothing but] a weak attempt at trying to undermine the use of blue' is to deny the fact that "blue is symbolic of black" is a perfectly sound and evidentially supported argument.
I don't know what "evidentially supported" means, but if you mean "supported by evidence", then you need more evidence than the words of someone who wasn't responsible for Batman's design, and you need to address the fact that the design was constantly revised and changed after the brief period in which Bob Kane had any involvement with the publication of Batman comics.

When colorists worked on Batmen pencilled by Neal Adams or Jim Aparo, they worked in the knowledge that the cape and cowl were blue.

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
I don't deny the prevalence of blue in batman's comic history i just don't feel blue would make much sense in the context of a film suit.

Comic and film are different mediums. Even today black is not the easiest color to work with and artists often like the visual pop that a blue shading adds as opposed to an all black look.

With film being 3 dimensional you don't need that pop as much coming from the 2d pages. Also yes a dark blue may blend in better at night but that's not the point of batman he doesn't dress as a bat to blend in does he?

No, he wear black for the intimidation factor, he is the night, he is a bat. Regardless if any bats are truly black i know for sure none of them are blue.
There are a few points here: firstly, I think the rather tired "WWIC/WWIF" ("what works in comics won't work in film") argument has had its day. I don't like any Marvel movies, but I don't have any problem with the costumes used therein: one just takes them at face value.

Secondly, I don't accept that black is inherently intimidating. Black takes on the context in which it is presented. So do other colours. Bane looked pretty intimidating in TDKR, but didn't wear black, while Catwoman wore black and looked more sensual than scary. Other colours work the same way. Red looks intimidating on the devil, and fun on Mario.

I think a midnight blue could look very effective, paired with a steely grey.

Finally, I don't think the colour scheme has ever been chosen to make Batman look like a bat. Bob Kane wanted him to wear red, after all.

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