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Default Re: The Batsuit Master Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by DaveMoral View Post
On the flipside, why not go black and use lighting tricks to give it the appearance of various shades of blue.
That's pretty much the compromise I suggested and I would be fine with this if a midnight blue could not be used.

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
That whole "The Blue was supposed to be Black" is a weak attempt at trying to undermine the use of blue, IMO.

Batman is recognized as wearing blue on his suit. Whether that happened by accident or not does not change the fact that Batman has worn blue instead of black during his 70+ history. Hell, he's probably worn blue MORE than he's worn black, so stop whining about it.
Thank you sir. For those that want all dark, all grim, all "realism", all the time well you guys got your movie. Actually you got 3 of them in row in a nice tightly packed trilogy. Congrats.

Originally Posted by Saint View Post
Indeed. In fact, the costume argument ended over ten years ago when the first pictures of the Spider-Man costume surfaced--sadly, many fans are simply a decade behind the curve. Also, this year, any remaining vestiges of "It won't work on film" were obliterated by The Avengers.
Personally I'd have to call and yes but no on that one. If Thor had ever been allowed to wear his helmet (and had something closer to his classic look than the JMS one) and if Cap's costume had been less Ultimatey, and if Hawkeye had been allowed to look like Hawkeye instead of just some dude with a bow, I might agree with you more fully. Truthfully, I think the costume argument should have ended in 1978 with Christopher Reeve as Superman.

Originally Posted by Saint View Post
Time for a movie in the spirit of BTAS. Also, Robin.
I would LOVE to have a movie in that spirit. I really would like to see a Batman movie that played the character straight, and didn't play it for comedy or camp but also did not aggressively apologize or compensate for his being a colorful comicbook superhero. But rather to embrace that.

As for Robin I would really like to see Robin as a kid or young teenager, and not a 20-30 something dude. Preferably, I would like them to use the very first Tim Drake costume because I think Neal Adams did such a good job of fixing problems with Robins classic costume while at the same time making very sure to keep Robin looking like Robin. I liked the way Tom Grummett drew Tim himself better (he looked more like a kid) but it's Neal that designed that suit.

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