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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Bruce_Begins View Post
I have not Included Iron Man movies as IM was driven by charismatic presence of RDJ who was the main reason why IM was such a success, which was one of the reason why WB got RDJ for Sherlock Holmes movies, and once again RDJ turned Sherlock Holmes into a successful franchise.
Actually, the REAL reason why you aren't including either of the "Iron Man" movies is because their box-offices DESTROYED SR's. And sorry, you're not allowed to selectively exclude something that makes your point invalid.

"Iron Man"

Domestic: $318,412,101
Foreign: $266,762,121
Worldwide: $585,174,222

"Iron Man 2"

Domestic: $312,433,331
Foreign: $311,500,000
Worldwide: $623,933,331

"X-Men: Last Stand"

Domestic: $234,362,462
Foreign: $224,997,093
Worldwide: $459,359,555

(OUCH, eh?)


Domestic: $210,614,939
Foreign: $245,453,242
Worldwide: $456,068,181

Oh, and like I said before, "300" ALSO brought in an additional $261,000,00 in DVD sales. MORE than SR's domestic total.

What both of you above are conveniently leaving out is, SR WAS released in IMAX 3-D too. So your excuses regarding "THOR" are ALSO invalid.

The film didn't deserve, and therefore did not GET, a sequel.


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