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Default Re: The Batsuit Master Thread - Part 2

While I don't agree with Bob Ringwood's view of the blue, I do appreciate that he kept the shape of the mask, kept the batsymbol, and went for the sculpted muscles. It made the 89 suit look and feel somehow right even though the all black and the armor concept were such a departure from the comics. Keaton to his credit while a totally un-ideal Bruce Wayne, did well in-suit as Batman. I like Bale's Bruce Wayne, but I like Keaton's Batman better. ..but Kevin Conroy smokes them both without even ever being in front of the camera.

Head turn or not, 89 is still the one I like best out of all the various armorized takes the movies have handed us.

I'll give some credit to the recent videogame stuff at least for trying to find a middle ground between the comics costume and the armor idea. The design is just a little too Simon Bisley for my taste.

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