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Default Re: What villain should be pulling Winter Soldier's strings?

Originally Posted by CLFilms View Post
The Red Skull has already been removed from the equation, but Hydra is STILL in existence. These are the only three likely candidates:
1) Baron Von Strucker
2) Zemo
3) Alexander Lukin

And I actually ran into Mitch Breitweiser (one of the principle artists from The Winter Soldier Storyline) at Dallas Comic Con in May, and he mentioned that Ed Brubaker was working on a screenplay. He wouldn't say what, but it could be that he is one of the writers for CA:WS. And if that's the case, they'll go with what HE has written previously -- aka Alexander Lukin. And he has incorporated the tesseract and Bucky a la Winter Soldier in the same storyline.
Don't you mean "ie" Alexander Lukin? Aka is "also known as". Unless Brubaker has written a work called "Alexander Lukin".

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