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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Bruce_Begins View Post
You need to read my post again, I just was pointing out why Iron man was a success, and If any Marvel movie was truly successful it was Iron man (as compared to SR., something which I know.) but what about other marvel movies were they more successful than SR ? (see my post for figure to TIH, Cap America, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-Men :FC)
"THOR" was more successful. You throwing out "What-if's" and "Whatcouldabeen's" won't change that fact.

And quit the personal insults, it does not make you look smarter.
Wow. Seriously?

Saying you "fail" is a personal insult? If that is what you call a "personal insult", then you have got some.......issues.

It is not a superhero movie.
It is a comic book movie. No difference to the people who matter.

SR was in 3D Only at IMAX theater and only 20 min. were in 3D where as Thor was shown in 3D in regular theaters and in IMAX.
And again, they charged FULL PRICE for those 20 minutes.

I won't repeat myself again.

SR will never get a Sequel, and I am fine with that, looking forward to MOS, as you are not able to discuss the subject properly, this will be my last post on this particular matter with you.
Indeed. I guess if I posted badly-termed and even worse spelled conjecture, you would consider that "proper".

Happy to disappoint.

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