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Default Re: X-Men:Days of future Past Speculation

Some solid ideas marvelrobbins. For me, ever since Vaughn mentioned the JFK thing I havnt been fond of the idea. There are zero circumstances where I would believe the audience would buy into his assassination being stopped after being killed by a fictional character. We all know an assassination by someone would happen regardless. In order to get an alt future using JFK I think it would have to be a future where he was never shot , not a future where he is shot. We live in that world. Or they would really have to show the difference of why his death would result in an alt future if by the hands of a Mutant instead of a human.

Not too fond on using a real Presidents death as the driving point of the movie either. I would rather they use a fictional figure while JFK still plays a part of the background if they choose the movie to happen that soon to FC. If they use his assassination I think thats only about a year from FC and the Cuban missile crisis. Im expecting it to take place a few years later after FC.

Hope they dive into the politics of the general publics awareness of mutants. That should be a big moment and a driving force for Mags. Really curious on how this will all work and what they are doing.

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