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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by DogofKrypton View Post
"THOR" was more successful. You throwing out "What-if's" and "Whatcouldabeen's" won't change that fact.
You can define “success” in different ways. One valid way is to measure “units (tickets) sold.” This is how we determine if a song or album is a “hit,” how we assign “best seller” status to a book. So the calculation is that SR had 59.7 million “units sold.” That’s not close to TDK’s 139M. But it’s significantly better than GL’s 27.7M and slightly better than Thor’s 56.6M.

It’s clear that Bruce B is speaking about “units sold.” If you want to use another criterion for “success” then you need to state which one you’re applying. Otherwise, you’re talking past each other.

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