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Default Re: Spiderman 3 in The Dark Knight

Originally Posted by Elevator Man View Post
Me neither on both. Weird and disturbing to see Ledger's face clean and unscarred in that photo. I can't really see any scars on his cheeks from that distance. So I'm assuming that he's unscarred. I'm glad that never got used takes the mystique away from Nolan's and Ledger's take on the character. It makes him look a like an ordinary crimnal and less like the monster the character is. That's why I have a problem withthe scene at Loeb's memorial where Joker was in police uniform and you can see his face. Though Ledger looked creepy. It remnded me too much of "Maniac Cop". Kind of wish he wore a disguise for his face instead. Seeing his face for a few seconds sort of takes away from the mystique of what Nolan and co. trying to with him, imo.
I'm sure all it was is that since you never see Ledger's face until the end of the scene, that they just didn't bother putting the make-up on. Plus, to fake us out, Ledger's hair gets progressively greener until it's revealed that the Joker was there the whole time.

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