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Default Re: Powers Display/Action sequences on the sequel

Originally Posted by Great Mind(s) View Post
Yes very true. I guess I just like the "raped by the devil" analogy but you're right she's the promiscuous type. Still I think it'd be pretty awesome to have her using her shape shifting powers to hide the pregnancy.
I think 'promiscuous' is a bit harsh. She only bedded Erik, as far as we know from what that scene implied.

Underneath it all, she was insecure because she had to hide all the time. That puts pressures on a teenage girl who is feeling conscious of her looks and suddenly aware of attraction and sexuality.

She was jealous of Xavier hitting it off with the mutant-eyed woman in the bar. She felt attracted to Hank because he, too, was visibly a mutant (though only his feet at that point when she was first attracted). And when she decided Hank's cure idea was wrong and Erik's self-acceptance was the better notion, she became attracted to him and got into his bed.

She could hide a pregnancy by morphing baggy clothes over it, but she couldn't flatten the baby bump itself as that would harm the child. Also, I wonder if she has a normal pregnancy. Her cells age at half normal rate, so does that slowed ageing make the gestation slower? Or, for someone who can grow scales at such speed to change appearance, is it much faster?

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