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Default Re: The Batsuit Master Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by regwec View Post
No, it isn't. You are in fact being extremely subjective in forming your opinion on the narrowest range of "evidence". You have a quote from Bob Kane, in which he says that he considered Batman to be wearing black in his early appearances, and you have found other sources who allude to his comment and consider the matter no further. Against that, you have to balance at least sixty years of artistic development where blue has quite clearly been used to Your "extended metaphor" doesn't stand up to scrutiny when a blue-clad Batman is stood next to a character wearing black; nor when a black-clad Batman remembers his past, when he wore blue.
It's not my extended metaphor, its simply the one that appears time and time again in the historical written record... not my record mind you, nor soley Bob Kane's, nor is it my subjective opinion or one that I ever claimed to have initiated; its DC's record, its DC's opinion. Its an opinion that is both documented and cited.... and one that I happen to agree with.

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