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Default Re: Fantastic Four reborn! - Part 5

Originally Posted by Captain Marvel View Post
Wow, that'd be terrible. The mutant universe only works as one big whole. Having a handful of characters wouldn't work at all, especially if they're not allowed to be mutants, and splitting characters between both studios would just lead to two crappy X-Universe franchises instead of one good X franchise. Thankfully Fox is never going to give up any X-Men, least of all for Daredevil of all people.
Getting the rights back isn't about using them it's about FOX not being able to use them.

Let's say FOX lost the rights to Deadpool, Apocalypse, and let's say 30 other mutants that shorten the chances of bad X-Men spin offs.

I don't see Marvel launching it's own X-Universe, but like I said with the FF rights if you take some of the top character rights away where could FOX go?
Besides Dr. Doom where can the FF go?

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