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Default Re: The Batsuit Master Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by BatScot View Post
That I 'see' blue in Batman's costume and black in Nightwing's does not preclude me from accepting the idea of symbolic black in one case but not the other nor does it require that I apply the same metaphor to Nightwing's blue logo.
Good, that's what I wanted to know. If blue can at least sometimes be be blue and not secret black, and there exists visual examples of instances where blue and black exist on the same page that goes back decades (indicating the blue is not secret black in those examples), then we can acknowledge that Batman being blue and not secretly black represents a significant portion of the character's visual history.

This should inform whether or not we find statements like "The black is symbolic of blue" to be meaningful in any modern discussion of the character. I'm not going to tell anyone they're wrong about which interpretation of Batman they find more valuable than the other, but personally, I find Kane's opinion on the matter to be about as relevant to modern Batman as early stories where Batman shot people to death. We're long past that state of affairs, in both cases.

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