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Default Re: Fantastic Four reborn! - Part 5

Originally Posted by GoblinScrier View Post
Well I sincerely hope that if this deal goes off without a hitch, that Dr. Doom is included in the deal too...I mean how can Marvel not want to have THE definitive villain in their new universe...I mean Doom has made enemies of everyone, and even though he really needs to feed off of Richards, the Doom we want to see, could easily deal with Stark (see some classic Iron Man comics for battles), the whole Avengers team, etc. Doom is a MUST for the MCU!!!

Doom seems to be the only FF villain Fox is aware of, so if they let him go to Marvel, then they might as well let the entire property go to Marvel ~ which is what we all want, anyway.

Fox can keep the X-Men and I guess they see DD as their version of Spider-Man [just like Martin Goodman did when he told Stan to create him] - so I am willing to not see these in the MCU for the present.

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