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Default Re: X-Men: Days of Future Past Countdown Thread

Originally Posted by Spuzz View Post
Jeez. People bash Singer for Superman Returns and such but what he did with the X-Men movies compared to Brett Ratner's work on 3, and the guy who did really under appreciated. At least by me I guess. I'm starting to realize how great and instrumental Singer really was for the world of comic book movies. If only he had directed 3...oh well.
Also, The Usual Suspects is a great movie. Guy's a damn solid director. Haven't seen the newer stuff he's done though....:/
Superman Returns has Singer's sense of style and craft, but it's a rather odd Superman film and not the Superman film that needed to be made. Valkyrie didn't quite hit the mark either.

He has a good sense for the X-Men, for sure. Not perfect (some characters fell by the wayside) but he managed to make most stuff believable and grounded in a very Nolan-eseque fashion. The story he came up with for First Class was incredibly smart. Hopefully we will get something equally smart for Days of Future Past.

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