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Default Re: X-Men: Days of Future Past Countdown Thread

Bryan Singer's Intentions was to revive Richard Donnor's Superman.It got decent reviews.He came Into It with good Intentions and Is Is better than Joel Schumacher with Batman or Brett ratner on X-men.

Valkyrie was a decent thriller.He wanted to take brief break from Big budget films.and he proved a film with Tom Cruise after his 2005 meltdown could do decent at box office.

His work payed the way for nolan on batman and Farvrau On Iron Man.Both their styles on those franchises were Infuenced by Singer's work on X-Men.

Singer has admitted he made a mistake on Superman.That he should have retold the origin with someone like Nicholas Holt as Superman and Instead of tying the contunity to The Donner Superman he should have payed homage to It In some ways.He also said he regretted not doing the third X-Men before he saw It,during watching It,and after seeing It.The closest he has come to outright critizing the Last Stand publicly.

He totally got first Class off In exciting directions.focusing On Xavier and Magneto.placing It In early 1960's,and using cuban missile crisis all came from him.

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