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Default Re: Fantastic Four reborn! - Part 5

I would suggest a FF reboot that potentially falls in line with the current MCU, where a collaboration means possible swapping of certain characters as needed. Ie) FF reboot could take place in the 70's or 80's and feature some MCU characters that Marvel may want to establish at that time period, like Pym and an older Howard Stark. How cool would it be for Reed to influence Tony Stark as a child? In return, Marvel can use Galactus and SS in the future for the cosmic angle and a Defenders movie. The Space Age is a good place for the FF and they can be established as Marvel's first family. Fox would keep FF movie rights but certain clauses on characters would allow them to return to Marvel on a case by case basis. That is the most practical solution for everybody. Fox maintains exclusivity while lending and taking characters as needed.

In a sense, Fox can essentially piggy back off the MCU with the FF franchise providing the filler for CA: TFA to the present day. General audiences would immediately be interested in that.

To boot, Fox could pick up Punisher and Blade in addition to extending the DD rights, as all those characters can benefit from one another and Marvel has already stated they will not do R-rated films. GR will be back by 2017 for sure, but a Marvel Knights movie at Fox or Sony isn't a bad thing either. I hardly think those properties are priorities right now anyhow.

The key to remember here is Marvel has absolutely no leverage with the heavy hitters in the FF. They will never see these characters under the Disney umbrella for quite some time. And they could care less about DD right now. It is inconsequential whether it goes back to Disney in October.

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