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Default Re: The Batsuit Master Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by BatScot View Post
Are you implying that the idea of “black being symbolic of blue” is not meaningful in any “modern” discussion of the character?
I'm not implying it, I'm stating it outright. The idea of blue being secret black is presently irrelevant. It is obsolete, because now when Batman is meant to be black, he is rendered as such, and when he is meant to be blue, he is rendered as such.

Also, as I argued previously, it never really mattered, even when it was meant to be secret black. Once the visual of the costume became primarily blue, it didn't really matter if it was supposed to represent black because it was blue. If it was intended, at that point, to represent anything other than blue, it was failing miserably.

Which raises another question: Are you saying that the iconic archetype that was for all intents and purposes defined by Finger and Kane* in Detective #27 is irrelevant—and here I refer not only to the preeminent nature of black but the archetype in whole?
Le sigh, BatScot--you should know that's not my argument.

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