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Default Re: X-Men:Days of future Past Speculation

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
A large part of this was to show how wolverine as time traveler could work.And they could use Magneto taking the metal out from fatal attraction storyline.
That Fatal Attractions moment would be awesome!
With the JFK assassination If used In film I think It will be used as event they are trying to stop.Now they may go with a fictonal politican to fill that role.But,It's very possable to go and say the timeline the future X-Men are trying to change were set In motion by mutants being revealed to public through attack of brotherhood that resulted In JFK's death.It started hysteria about mutants.Because of thee vents of this film the attack Is thrawerted.Mutants become exposed to public but not blamed for JFK'S assination although an ending which matches what Vaughn earlier said happens.
Yeah, Im just not sold on the JFK thing. I dont see how that would change the future since its an event that happens in normal history. There would have to be something else added.

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