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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for TDKR (TAG SPOILERS!!!) - Part 3

Here's my quick review btw. Get ready to be mad at me or walk me through Nolan's reasoning. I can learn to like things retroactively.


Bane's characterization until the twist at the end.

Certain shots of Selina (like when she's on the window cleaner terrace interrogating what's his name). Anne came the closest to comic Selina, albeit flawed.

The way it looked. Awesome cinematography.


Loved Bane until the twist at the end revealed he was just a dumb thug all along and he cried. Whatever.

I was mad that bats walked with a cane and was all old and tired and easily taken out by Selina tripping him. He then goes toe to toe with Bane and loses horribly. He does some pushups in jail, comes back and wins. Didn't buy it. Mostly because I was hoping for....

Yes. A Lazarus Pit. I know you'll all jump on me and say it's not workable in Nolan's world but he introduced supernatural elements at the end of The Prestige and it worked great. He could have done it here and really elevated the film IN ADDITION TO making bats a fully replenished man at the peak of his game. It would have even undone the eight years in hiding thing since it would have reset him back to a young man.

Robin no. Batman is Batman because of all the unique, badass **** he went through. Not just anybody can be Batman. I call ********. And Blake has no money either. Made me mad.

Selina can't punch. Not buying her stick arms.

Alfred's exposition on Bane. "Sometimes, a man rises..." Who talks like that? Stop beginning sentences with "Sometimes..." You did it in TDK when talking about Joker. Use different anecdotes buddy. You're sounding like a histrionic old bag.

The exposition on clean slate. She's all "Where is it" and the guys all "You mean clean slate? The blah blah program that bah blah we made and blah blah on and on?"

Anyway, sorry to ***** about it. I saw it a second time and rather liked it, but the first time I was crestfallen. I admit I was expecting certain things and probably should have had a more open mind. But whatever. I'm a lifelong batman fan and was disappointed. Can't wait for the next take on bats. I give it a 5.5 out of ten.

"I was damned to my role. I was condemned before my first cries of life. The world is my prison. I will rule it or die." - Bane
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