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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for TDKR (TAG SPOILERS!!!) - Part 3

After seeing the film twice , I can admit that I admire the film alot more then I did the first time . While there are aspects I don't like or am iffy on, I at least can respect Nolan's attempt to get an idea or concept across even if its not as successful as it could have been. I gave it about a B- when I first saw it , but now I give it a B . So for me it went from 81% to about 85%

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The set pieces: From the plane scene ,stock exchange chase, The Bat, The Breaking of the Bat scene, The cutting off and sacking of Gotham, to Bane and Batman's final fight , Nolan doesn't miss a note and they are some of the most memorable sequences of all the Batman films from 89 to 12.

The performances by all involved: Bale gives his best performance as Bruce Wayne imo, and you really care about him in a way the other actors whov'e played the part have never achieved. Hathaway steals the show as Catwoman, Tom Hardy is great as Bane, and JGL is
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by far the best live action Robin we've ever had. The scenes between Wayne and Blake are classic Batman and Robin.

The Concepts : The 99% vs the 1%,
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Turning Gotham into an occupied failed state dictatorship,
Drawing on aspects of Knightfall, Knightquest, No Man's Land, and The Dark Knight Returns .

The Humor: Unfortunately the film has too little levity imo which can make the film seem overly depressing ,but the moments is does have are great.

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The Whole LOS angle. While I can understand Nolan's desire to bring the trilogy full circle , I felt Bane was such a compelling villan that he could have worked just as well, if not better , as his entity , with his own ideology, and his own followers. Instead of carrying out someone else's agenda, imo it would have been more powerful for Bane to actually be a revolutionary who believed in toppling what he viewed as corrupt states and viewed Batman as a symbol of corruption.

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the LOS angle includes Talia and her whole scheme. Again, while I can respect what Nolan wanted to do with her character, ultimately she wasn't in it enough or written strong enough for her character to really make a strong impression on Bruce or on the story.

The Maguffin:
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While a nuke is realistically the only way the President of the U.S.A. wouldn't whip the living S*** out of Bane and his minions in time for his next golf game, it's such a cliche that kinda screams Die Hard and Michael Bay , however , i cut Nolan slack because it raises the stakes enough to truely threaten the existence of Gotham.

Un-needed characters: While I like Foley, Dagget, and Holly, I would have preferred if their characters we're ditched in favor of more time with Gordon, Fox, Selina and Alfred

Certain Character Motivations:
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I'm still not fond of what they did with Alfred because imo it is inconsistent with the Alfred of BB and TDK. While I think it needs to be done in order to accomplish what Nolan is trying to get across, I really don't like the idea of Alfred just leaving even if Bruce said goodbye. However, its worth it for the great scene between Bruce and Alfred.

The Pit:
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While I like Bane's speech to Bruce in the prison , I really don't like the whole sequence. Again , I get what Nolan's trying to get across but it truely bores me and it goes on way too long. I think if that underground prison had been built in Gotham and the rich were thrown in there , it would have made things alot tighter , and would have shown how Gotham had really gone down hill. Its not a strech to think that with all the secret work Bane had been doing underground that he could have constructed a prison similar to his home.

Plot points spoken about then never fully fleshed out on screen:
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The 99% vs 1% is an example of this. One of the problems I had was that Selina voices this view but once the revolution begins its seems as if the criminals are the ones uprising as opposed to the poor uprising.

John Blake as
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Batman : While I like Bruce has a happy ending the idea of John Blake taking on the mantle is hard for me to swallow. That said, its at the very end so we don't have to see it

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