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Default Re: Fantastic Four reborn! - Part 5

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
You seem to think that Fox is holding all the cards; I see the opposite. Fox has a LOT more to prove in rebooting a successful FF and/or DD, and the general consensus is that they can't. MS, on the other hand, has just made one of the biggest blockbusters of all time. And Marvel doesn't *need* Galactus and the Surfer to make Cosmic Marvel work: they've already proven that they've got Thanos and the GOTG and Inhumans, and Feige has confirmed that they can use Skrulls (just not Super-Skrull, who combines the powers of the FF).

Plus, I don't consider DD inconsequential to Marvel, either. If Carnahan is ready to go on the film, Marvel will be just as likely to want to work with him as Fox is.
Marvel will greenlight a 70's themed Frank Miller inspired DD reboot with Carnahan? Never going to happen in a million years.

Marvel doesn't have leverage until Fox fast approaches a deadline. We know how quickly Fox can put a film in production. Look at how quickly First Class came together. FF fills a tentpole and Fox doesn't have any big summer film in 2015. Since the turn around seems to be seven years, Fox has until Spring/Summer 2014 to get FF into production. No need to rush.

If I had to predict, I say Fox lets DD go unless Carnahan blows them away with a pitch. Meaning it may be another seven years before DD rights turn over. I think there is little doubt we get a major Marvel film in 2015 that isn't neccessarily Avengers 2. Most likely candidate is FF. It will either be a distribution deal where Fox gets a cut, or Fox will produce the film on their own. I think Marvel will be involved regardless, and it will be more collaborative than Sony/ASM, because there is a ton of overlap between the universes.

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