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Default Re: Fantastic Four reborn! - Part 5

Let fox continue with their F4 film, but give Marvel creative control, split profits 60 (fox) 40 (Marvel) for the first film and renegotiate for and sequels. Have it be set in the MCU, that way Fox gets to capitalise on The Avengers with marketing and such and Marvel gets to use F4 characters in their films.
Effectively a co-production movie wise, but Marvel would have creative control story wise

Cillian Murphy/Moon KnightMatt Bomer/Nova
Michael C. Hall/DaredevilJeffery Donovan/Bullseye
Alexander Skarsgard/Sentry
Charlie Hunnam/Iron Fist
Hugh Dancy/Mr. FantasticClive Owen/Dr. Strange
Simon Baker/Hank PymJon Hamm/Frank Castle

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