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Default Re: When will Avengers 2 come out?

Phase 1 (Done)

- Iron Man
- The Incredible Hulk
- Iron Man 2
- Thor
- Captain America
- The Avengers

Phase 2

- Iron Man 3
- Thor 2
- Captain America 2
- Guardians of the Galaxy
- Avengers 2 (which will be primarily based around the team vs. Thanos)

Then with Phase 3, they could give the Phase 1 characters a break while also introducing new characters in solo films.

Put the black costume in Amazing Spider-Man 3, use the crashed space shuttle for its origin. Introduce Jensen Ackles as Brock, the climax will have Spider-Man lose the symbiote in the tower, then post-credits we see Brock as Venom.
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