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Default Re: Fantastic Four reborn! - Part 5

Originally Posted by babykhris View Post
But wasn't Universal & Paramount just distro. Marvel owned the characters over there.

Unless FOX wants to give up OWNERSHIP of certain characters I say no dice.
Yes on Paramount. No on universal because they had the rights in 03. Fox is giving up ownership on DD in a few months so unless they do something about it, there goes that character. Which is why Marvel probably offered that deal to Fox.

If I am Fox, I don't handcuff myself by limiting my rogue gallery. I also don't want to rehash certain characters and stories like Doom and Galactus, or a half arsed Skrulls that I own some aspects of but not everything.

Marvel also wants to get some C-list characters exposure. FF is a great platform to launch those characters. Look at the success of SS from that model. Would BP/Namor have a better chance of being successful in solo films or in FF movie? Seems obvious. I don't want to cram all those characters in Avengers either. I think Marvel and Fox can temporarily swap characters if they wanted to. It's trickier than exclusive control, but far more productive.

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