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Default Re: Wolverine's Mask

I prefer the way he is right now. No mask, no costume, only white tank and jeans. Fits the character way more than yellow spandex. Wolverine is an individualist, he likes being alone and tries to give the less sh** possible about everyone else's problem. To me he seems more like the type who wants to live his life quietly in the Canadian Rockies as shown in the movie, but bull***** came his way, and he had no choice but to follow it.

When in front of enemies, he's all out. He don't care about the others seeing his face and seeing who he is, because he is entitled to beat them anyway.

He doesn't need any kind of costume. It works perfectly in the comics and animated series, but on screen, it would go in the complete opposite direction of his character. Although I was introduced to Wolverine and the X-Men with the suits, I don't want to see them on screen (Unless they show it as a proposition to Wolverine and he rejects it) When I watched the first X-Men I didn't even notice the drastic change in the suits, it fit so well.

And please, no Japanese-looking suit. He's not a 14 years old girl who follows trends depending on where he is fighting.

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