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Default Re: Say something positive about The Last Stand

I did not like the whole Phoenix story. I liked Jean Grey, she was my favourite femal X-Men in the movies, and now she just looked f'd up all the time. It was like she was some kind of robot. Maybe it's the whole point of the Phoenix saga, if so, then I guess I just don't like the saga.

But aside from that, the movie was great. Beast was 100 times better than the beast from First Class (he looks like a deformed lion). I think human blue face with canines and facial hair worked better than creature-like CGI face.

Also, Magneto being depowered at the end was exciting. I didn't see it coming, and it being done by Beast and Wolverine was a great idea. Iceman in complete ice was cool too, I admit (no pun intended).

The scene where Magento stops the truck to free the mutants inside. The whole scene : Magneto getting rid of the cops cars, breaking in the truck, checking out all the mutants and their powers, reuiting with Mystique right before she is depowered. Without people fighting eachother, it was still good action.

Although there is one thing that bugged me (and this is not only in the X-Men franchise) is the fact that they always say a certain sentence at the beginning of the movie and use the exact same one in the climactic ending. It feels cheap, really cheap. And no Nightcrawler. Though it's only because the actor was given such a small role he decided it wasn't worth all the make-up. Who knows maybe Singer would have kept it (I don't think he would introduce it as such a strong character in X2 just to throw it away in the next movie)

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