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Default Re: Predictions for the next Batman movie

I would like to see an official Knightfall story play out. Have it be a trilogy. each movie would have to be around 2 and a half hours.

The first movie-Starts with Batman chasing a mugger through an alleyway. Then have him talk to alfred and basically just show that he's already been batman for quite sometime. Then show him at the circus where the flying graysons are performing. Have his parents die, but in a more emotional way than Batman Forever. Then Bruce takes him in. Have him become robin within thirty minutes of movie time. Then introduce the first big villian, The Riddler. Have him beat the dynamic duo in their first meeting. Then have some dialogue filled scenes. Meanwhile Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin is trying to take over Wayne Enterprise. Cobblepot then makes a makeup that can form your face anyway you want. An actor then decides to be the test subject for said product.(setting up for a certain villain.) Then have batman and robin take out the riddler. then the riddler says a riddle about a plan. now in a post credit scene show clayface being created.

The Second Movie- A couple years have passed.***** gotten older. The Wayne and Cobblepot business rivalry is at its peak. Wayne has had his company flourish recently and the scales tipping in his favor. Dick has started dating Gordons daughter, Barbara, and it causing problems with bruce. he feels Dick is paying more attention to his new relationship then he is to being robin. Barbara is also getting paranoid of ***** late night galavanting. After many failed attempts in finding Clayface they finally get a lead on him. they go to the abandoned warehouse where he is hiding out. they find him there and a battle ensues. clayface is beating the duo badly until robin leads clayface to the docks. batman then tackles clayface into the water and clayface breaks apart. as their leaving the warehouse they hear a noise. they find out barbara has been spying on them. after a few months batman realizes he can trust barbara and asks her to take up the mantle of batgirl. this angers robin and he decides to leave the team. batman and batgirl have been fighting crime for a couple of months now. they have been put up against the mad hatter, the ventrililoquist and the scarecrow. this leaves batman and batgirl both weakened and tired. The movie ends with batman investigating a crime in crime alley. A murder invloving the useof some kind of lauging gas. as batmans leaving the scene he finds a young boy stealing the wheels of the batmobile. scared he tells batman his name...Jason Todd

The Third Movie- a few months have passed and the bat family is close on the trail of the joker. batman is weakened so much that batgirl begs him to take a break. batman does so and robin and batgirl go out on a patrol. they find out where the jker is but batman does not want them going after him alone. jason is quick to ignoree bruces orders and goes to find the joker. jason falls into a trap and is captured. batman then goes after robin. with batman trying to find him jason is being beaten half to death with a crowbar. the joker then reveals a bomb that will go off in a minute. batman arrives as soon the bomb blows up. he find jasons body and falls to his knees in anger and sadness. the weakened bat brings jasons body to the batcave. he calls for alfred but there is no answer. bruce goes upstairs to the mansion and is confronted by Bane. they fight through the house. bane tosses batman around alike a ragdoll. punching him with bone breaking strikes. he tosses wayne into the batcave. bruce barely able to stand presses an emergency call to dick and barbara. then bane picks bruce up and slams him onto his knee breaking his back. he then tosses batman to the ground and exits the cave.nightwing and batgirl arrive too find their mentor lying there, broken. a few nights pass and bruce was bought to a family friend and doctor, Dr. Thomas Elliot. Nightwing,batgirl and Nightwings protege,Tim, have made a new makeshift batcave in fear of bane finding them. bane has teamed with the joker and released all the prisoners of arkham to take gotham city. after extensive treatment batman is starting to heal and he must train to take down bane. he seeks the help of his old mentor, Ras Al Ghul. Meanwhile in Gotham The bat family and a special forces team led by commisioner gordon have been taking out some of the freed arkham prisoners. Then comes the day where they plan to take down the joker. they have a trap set in the old ace chemical building. the plan is ruined when the joker tries to shoot batgirl but is knocked into an acid bath by the new robin, Tim Drake. batman tells ras al ghul what happened and ras tells batman he will retrain him as long as batman promises to marry his daughter Talia. Bruce and Talia start to grow a love for each other and eventually make love. ras teaches batman but then trys to make batman break his one rule. batman takes down ras and knocks him out. he ten leaves and heads back for gotham. After trying so hard to prove to Tim he did the right thing by killing the joker, Dick decides its finally time to take on Bane. The three heroes head toward the building where bane is ruling the city from...Wayne Tower. the three take down thugs and other criminals on their way to bane. once they find him they decide all three of them should attack at once. Bane quickly disposes of Batgirl and robin, leaving just him and Nightwing. Dick uses all that Bruce has taught him, but bane is still too strong. He grabs dick and knocks him out. he brings him to the top of Wayne tower to break him then kill him. As he holds him in the air a smoke pellet blows up. The bat returns. Taking deadly vicious strikes to the huge brute. Bane falls to his knee. Batman drops bane to the ground. He says now i break you. he lifts bane up and breaks his back. Years pass Nightwing and robin part ways. robin goes to create his own person the red robin. Nightwing moves to Bludhaven and he takes up a day job as a police officer. Batgirl gives up the mantle of and she just helps batman as the oracle. Batman then talks to Alfred about giving up the mantle and starting a family. Just then the doorbell rings. when Bruce opens the door there stands a man in a black suit and a 10 year old boy. Bruce asks who they are. the boy answers "my name is Damian, I'm your son.

Cast: bruce wayne/batman-Scott Adkins(just needs to get his acting skills improved a bit.)
alfred pennyworth-Michael Caine
Dick Grayson-Joseph Gordon-Levitt
The Riddler- C. Michael Hall
Oswald Cobblepot- Phyllip Seymour Hoffmann
Clayface-Idris Elba-voice
Jim Gordon-Denis O'hare
Barbara Gordon-Emma Stone
Jason Todd-Emile Hirsche
The Joker- Adrian Brody
Bane-Tom Hardy(he did amazing in tdkr)
Tim Drake- Logan Lerman
The Scarecrow- Alexander Skarsgard
Mad Hatter-Justin Chatwin
Damian Wayne-idk
Talia-Kate Beckinsale
Ras-Ben Kingsley

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