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Default Re: Why didn't Gordon arrest the Joker when they had him surrounded?

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
They picked the right choice with halting their plans for Joker and saving Reese while emptying the hospitals though. Arrest Lau/probably kill Joker or save Reese and empty all hospitals. Gordon was smart in making the wiser choice.

With Dent hidden, Joker had no reason to stick around.

Actually had they went after the Joker he couldnt have had his little talk with Harvey and the Joker wouldnt have been at the hospital to set off the detonator. No talk with Harvey, no murders, and no cover up at the end. When the Joker called in the bomb threat Gordan and a small detachment of Swat should have went after the joker or scoped out his location, the rest evacuate the hospital and secure Reese. Nurses and hospital staff are plenty adept at evacuating patients with the help of only a few cops at each hospital. Once everyone is out do a sweep and done. I know they dont need 1000 cops to do that job. Counting every off duty cop and given the number shown in TDKR they should have been able to evacuate the hospitals and go after the joker. And really Gordan shouldnt have evacuated any hospital because he didnt know whether the Joker would set the bomb off if he tried. He should have called in the FBI and a negotiator. Gordan made many kneejerk reactions in that moment.

This is one part of TDK i despise because Gordan didnt think. He hears the threat and instantly changes plans without ever considering what would happen if he tried to evacuate.

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