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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for TDKR (TAG SPOILERS!!!) - Part 3

Originally Posted by breyfogle_rules View Post
I saw it a second time and rather liked it, but the first time I was crestfallen. I admit I was expecting certain things and probably should have had a more open mind. But whatever.
This. The second time, I enjoyed it much more, but the first time I felt let down, but I'm not sure why.

Overall, I feel like much of the quality of the writing in the movie may have been slightly compromised in the third act. Bane--the man who broke Batman--is reduced to a bulky guy with a funny mask who was essentially a puppet and dies anti-climactically, Talia is introduced and then quickly dispatched, and John Blake (probably) becomes another Batman.

The Blake thing is what gets me though. Think about the contrast between Batman and Harvey Dent in TDK: Bruce wants to give up the mantle of the Bat and let a more legitimate hero in Harvey take over. He's Gotham's "White Knight." A hero with a face is more important. But that all gets ruined when The Joker breaks Dent and drives him crazy. Couldn't John Blake fit into that "White Knight" role just as well? He is a good cop who is seeking to do right by Gotham, and sure he gets frustrated by being on the force (although I'm not sure why) but that doesn't mean he shouldn't continue.

I also thought it was a little bogus that Blake instantly knew Bruce Wayne was Batman as a little kid. Nobody is supposed to figure that out. It pisses me off enough that basically every villain figures it out. (Credit where it's due: Ra's already knew Bruce and his fear of bats--not a big leap; Bane in the comics is a genius, so I'll assume the same is true in TDKR, not to mention his LOS connections.)

Seriously though, I did enjoy the movie. It's just not as complete as TDK. And I need to see it once or twice more. My overall rating currently stands at a 7.7/10.

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Fact: The Avengers appeals to a more Shawarma type of audience, while TDKR appeals to the more falafel type.
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