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Default Re: "I got dust in my eye"... TDK Trilogy scenes that made you cry

This is what we're anonymous for, right?

I never saw Batman Begins in theaters. I didn't become a Batman fan until it was on DVD. Regardless, seeing Batman Begins in a multiplex for the first time was all kinds of awesome, and I had avoided watching it (along with The Dark Knight) for over a year because I knew I'd be doing a marathon.

And even though it's always been one of my favorite scenes, the "Why Do We Fall?" exchange after Wayne Manor goes up in flames hit me hard this time. I think a lot of it has to do with how much that line has meant to me personally lately, but damn.

Anyway, none during The Dark Knight. Got misty a few times during The Dark Knight Rises, but they're probably the same moments as everyone else who did: Alfred's confession, the identity reveal to Gordon, Alfred apologizing to Thomas' and Martha's tombstones, and Bruce at the end.

I guess Alfred just strikes a chord with me.

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