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Default Re: When will Avengers 2 come out?

Originally Posted by AvengeME View Post
WB usually takes the mid Jul spot but they are out of hot properties. If I am Disney, I go:

Ant-Man Nov 2014/March 2015
Hulk 3/Avengers 2 May 2015
Avengers 2 July 2015

Basically lock up that year. There are no other Marvel movies scheduled currently that far down the line. No notable DC movies. Man of Steel sequel would be 2016 earliest should one even be greenlit. I would prefer late July because the rest of the summer would be a massive let down. But doing a Hulk sequel and Avengers the same year is almost impossible. Unless Ant-Man is scrapped, again.

I think if November works for Marvel with Thor, they should start using early November as an alternate date. Maybe have Phase III hit the ground running with a November Black Panther movie, followed by a May 2016 Doctor Strange film and a July Thor sequel.

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